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This second edition book is a set of 11 basic maps and notes covering the gold areas around Daylesford. It is basically the same except for more details and a few minor gold area inclusions. It provides notes on how to find these areas using the Daylesford Post Office as a reference point. Many large nugget finds have been made around this district. Each map is accompanied by a set of notes about tracks, how to get there, what type of gold to expect and notes on points of interest or hazards.

Maps Areas:
Hepburn Road to Hepburn Springs
- Jacksons Lookout
- Beehive Gully
Midland Highway to Ballarat, north of Eganstown
- Brandy Hot Diggings
- Charlesford Mine
- Bald Hill
- Shepherds Flat
- Yandoit South
- Old Toms Gully
- Belfast Gully
- Champagne Gully
Ballan Road to Ballan, Western Highway
- Specimen Hill

It's important to note that the contents of this book is purely related to the Victrorian state of Australia around the Daylesford area and may not be useful anywhere else in the world unless the reader wishes to extend their knowledge of that area.

The language used in the book is English, and any photos and maps included are meant solely for illustrative purposes and should be treated as a guide only.

Author: Stephen Barnham
Publisher: Likely Prospects, 2004
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 9780958021470
Pages: 25
Item#: SBM08