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This second edition book is a set of 11 basic maps and notes covering the gold areas around Daylesford. It is basically the same except for more details and a few minor gold area inclusions. It provides notes on how to find these areas using the Daylesford Post Office as a reference point. Many large nugget finds have been made around this district. Each map is accompanied by a set of notes about tracks, how to get there, what type of gold to expect and notes on points of interest or hazards.

Maps Areas:
Hepburn Road to Hepburn Springs
- Jacksons Lookout
- Beehive Gully
Midland Highway to Ballarat, north of Eganstown
- Brandy Hot Diggings
- Charlesford Mine
- Bald Hill
- Shepherds Flat
- Yandoit South
- Old Toms Gully
- Belfast Gully
- Champagne Gully
Ballan Road to Ballan, Western Highway
- Specimen Hill

Author: Stephen Barnham
Publisher: Likely Prospects, 2004
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 9780958021470
Pages: 25
Item#: SBM08