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This book is about gold panning in the Daylesford area and is aimed at people with no experience and upwards. It has sections on using a gold pan and what features to look for about where to actually dig for the best results.

It has a set of six maps and notes about local creeks and gullies in the area that represents year round panning opportunities. Suitable for the beginner or someone looking for more difficult locations who has bush experience and is prepared to put in the effort.

Content (Index)
- Introduction
- Using a Gold Pan & Tools
- Where to Dig & Some Rules
- Contacts & Safety
- Map Notes
- Prospectors & Miners Association.

Map Location Areas:
- Daylesford: Twin Bridges & Tipperary Spring, Sailors Creek
- Hepburn Springs: Bryces Flat
- Eganstown: Champagne Gully & Butterfly Gully
- Dry Diggings: Tarilta Creek
- Barkstead: Rocky Lead

Author: Stephen Barnham, Wendy Harland-White
Publisher: Likely Prospects, 2000
ISBN: 9780957790926
Pages: 22
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