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  1. 11'' TDI Coiltek Skid / Cover Plate

    Help protect your search coil from wear and tear, often caused when sweeping across rough surfaces.
    For 11'' Coiltek TDI Search coil.
    Item# TDI-0003

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  2. 9" Round Search Coil

    Use with white's Spectra V3i, Spectra V3, Spectra VX3, MXT Pro Series, MXT E-Series, MX5, M6 and the Sierra Super Trac.
    Item# ECL08

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  3. White's 10'' DD Slim Skid Plate (2017 and later)

    Use with White's Slim 10'' DD Search coil. 
    Ideal for protecting your search coil from wear damage often caused by sweeping the search coil across rough surfaces.
    Item# SKP07

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  4. White's 12'' Skid Plate (Solid)

    Use with 12" TDI Mono Aussie search coils.
    Item# SKP01

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  5. Eclipse Deep Scan (14'' x 8'') DD Coil

    Designed to be used in difficult mineralised grounds.
    Broader ground coverage with each sweep. 
    Better depth penetration towards larger objects while retaining sensitivity to smaller targets.
    Skidplate Included
    Item# ECL03

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  6. White's 14'' x 8'' Skid Plate (Solid)

    Use with Eclipse ''Deep-scan'' 14'' x 8'' inch DD Search Coil or the GMT Sierra 14'' x 8'' inch DD Search Coil.
    Item# SKP06

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  7. White's 7.5'' Skid Plate (Solid)

    Use with 7.5" Mono Aussie Search Coil. Protects the bottom of the search coil from wear.
    Item# SKP05

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  8. 9" Spider Round Search Coil

    Use with Coinmaster, Coinmaster Pro, Coinmaster GT and older Prizm models.

    Open spider design. Epoxy filled, less buoyant, reduced sweep resistance.
    Heavy Duty cable.
    Item# CM04

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  9. 10'' inch DD Searchcoil

    Greater ground coverage per pass compared to concentric 10" loops.
    See the full description for more details.
    Item# ECL07

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  10. 12'' Dual Field Search Coil (Ex-Display)

    Regular Price: $230.00

    Special Price $180.00

    For use with TDI-Pro, TDI Pro Oz-Series, TDI, TDI-SL, TDI-SL High-Q, Sierra Pulse Pro (SPP).
    Ideal for soils with predominantly high magnetic viscosity (slow signal decay rates)
    Item# WDF01

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10 Item(s)