Nugget finder 15 Heavy Duty Evolution Skid Plate (Spoked)

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Nugget finder 15 Heavy Duty Evolution Skid Plate (Spoked)

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Heavy Duty*, Skid Plate for Nugget Finder 15'' Evolution Search Coils. 
Features: Smooth surface to reduce drag. Attach with Search coil tape (tape sold separately). 
Weight: 210 grams approximately.
Item# 15EH-SP



Protect the 15'' Evolution search coil from getting scratched, worn and damaged from ground conditions. 
Heavy Duty may last longer* than the Standard 15'' Evolution Skidplate. 
- Evolution tape is needed to attach the skid plate to the searchcoil and is sold separately. 

Smooth surface to reduce drag 
Weight: 210g approximately 
Type: HD Spoked Skid Plate

* Lifespan of this Heavy Duty skid plate may last longer than the original skid plate depending on ground conditions and operators swing methods or techniques.