Jeweler's Loupe

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Jeweler's Loupe

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Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier. 30 x 21mm. Ideal for viewing detailed information that is often hard to see with the naked eye. e.g. . Perfect for viewing hard to see details, mint marks or year dates on old coins, hallmarks on relics and artifacts, or other important stampings on other antiques. Item# GJL02



Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier.
- Size: 35 x 23 x 17mm 
- Weight: 32g
- Lens diameter: 21mm
- Inspect object at 30 times power
- Mini Jeweler Loupe, Eye Magnifying Glass Magnifier with Case
- Good for viewing detail on Gold Nuggets, Identifying marks on Jewelry, coins, stamps and antiques etc.
- Great for looking at the diamonds in your ring close-up!
- Foldable and tiny, great to have one in your pocket all the time.