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5 Maps Covering Some Gold Areas Between Vaughan & Daylesford. The maps are of a basic mud map style designed to get you into the areas. There is a reference map that explains how to find your way from the adjacent townships and onto the map of your choice. Each map is accompanied by a set of notes about tracks, how to get there, what type of gold to expect and notes on points of interest and hazards.

Maps Areas:
- Browns Gully
- Middletons Diggings
- Sebastopol Diggings
- Tubal Cain
- Vaughan

It's important to note that the contents of this book are restricted to Australia and may not be useful anywhere else in the world unless the reader wishes to extend their knowledge of that area. The language used in the book is English, and any photos and maps included are meant solely for illustrative purposes, serving as a helpful guide for readers.

Author: Stephen Barnham, Wendy Harland-White
Publisher: Likely Prospects, 2000
ISBN: 0957790988
Pages: 13
Item#: SBM014