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A basic manual for those with no idea. Covering the basics of detecting, panning and sluicing. This book is about how to get from having no idea about gold prospecting to having the basic knowledge you need. It looks at how gold behaves, how to pan, how to use a sluice and the basics of detecting.

It also looks at the types and features of gold workings and what to look for. It explains the jargon of prospecting and how to research for places to go and some tips on safety.

Generally, it sets you up for basic gold prospecting and importantly allows you to understand more detailed and complex publications.


  • Introduction
  • How free gold behaves
  • Using a gold pan
  • Photographs and text about using a gold pan
  • Cleaning up your gold
  • Photographs of where gold can be found in waterways
  • Photographs and text about using sluice boxes
  • Using a sluice - Metal Detecting
  • Photographs and text about using a detector
  • Photographs and text about common detecting mistakes
  • Photographs and text about things in the goldfields
  • Finding places to go
  • A few words about geology
  • Safety Issues
  • The prospectors and Miners Association

It's important to note that the contents of this book aim to help anyone who has a passion for or interest in different methods of gold prospecting. The language used in the book is English, and any photos or maps included are meant solely for illustrative purposes, serving as a helpful guide for readers.

Pages: 21
Author: Stephen Barnham
Publisher: Likely Prospects
Item# SBM01