White's MX-SPORT

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White's MX-SPORT

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The MX-SPORT is a fully submersible, lightweight, all purpose detector which can be use on land or underwater.
New features such as reject volume as well as popular features such as VCO, SAT, Iron grunt and Discrimination. 
Upgraded to the Latest Firmware, increasing SAT to 8.
Item# 800-0347





IP68 Certified Waterproof - up to 10 feet

6-Ready-To-Search Modes
- Coin & Jewelry.
- Beach.
- Hi-Trash.
- Relic.
- Prospecting. 
- All Metal. 

VDI Target Readings:
- Metal targets give a unique VDI number.
- Big bold VDI numbers for easy viewing.  

Pin-Point Mode: Locate targets easier at the push of button. 

Adjustable Volume: 
- Adjust how loudly a metal target beeps. 

Adjustable Threshold:
- Adjust the continuous background hum for extra sensitivity towards smaller or deeper targets. 

Adjustable Sensitivity:
- Increase / decrease responsiveness towards; targets, mineralised ground or interference from electrical sources. 

Adjustable Discrimination: 
- Hear all targets or adjust to hear only the good targets. 

Target Segments: 20 

Target Tone IDs: 20 

All Metal VCO, SAT and Iron Grunt.

Reject Volume:
- Assign rejected targets to a volume level beep
- Adjust reject targets to be quieter than accepted targets.  

- Automatic Ground Balance
- Holding the Track button puts the detector into Ground Grab mode.
- Pressing or tapping the TRACK button locks/unlocks ground tracking.

Salt and Freshwater: 
- Ability for the ground tracking system to track to soil with large salt content. 

- Adjusts the operating frequency of the MX-Sport, to allow two MX-Sport units to operate in close proximity.

LCD Backlight ON/OFF.  

Battery Life Indicator: 
- Shows how much power is left in the batteries.
- Powered by 8xAA Batteries- Approximate Battery Life 40+ Hours (depending if headphones, external speaker and settings)

Depth Reading: 
- Show target depth in the ground.
- Show depth values in inches or centimeters.

Waterproof 10" DD Searchcoil 

Operating frequency - 13.9 kHz. 

2 Year Transferable Warranty


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