White's Sierra Super Trac (SST)

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White's Sierra Super Trac (SST)

The SST is short name for the Sierra Super Trac (14 kHz Frequency) with 3 Simple Controls: High performance GAIN: Maximizes sensitivity and depth. Fast Auto Trac® Tracks and adjusts while you hunt. Depth Reading Detect a target, the screen shows you how deep to dig! Includes: 6x10 eclipse search coil. Item# SST01



The SST is short name for the Sierra Super Trac operates in an All Metal / Silent Search mode with Audio and Visual Discrimination Indicator.
Recommended for finding gold on the goldfields, coins and jewelry on the beach or coins in and around old buildings or parks. 


14 kHz Frequency 

3 Simple Controls:

  • High performance GAIN Maximizes sensitivity and depth.
  • Fast Auto Trac® Tracks and adjusts while you hunt. 
  • Depth Reading Detect a target, squeeze the trigger and the screen shows how deep to dig! as well as the targets location, (Location of target is based off the highest tone in the audio sound)

Visual Display see what's happening on the screen, see the target reading block on the screen and match it to the chart under the screen to determine if the target is good to dig!

1/4 inch headphone jack

Simple Operation manual (There is no learning curve like most complex detectors, simply switch on and go!)

6x10 Eclipse waterproof Search coil

2 Year Transferable Warranty


Box Contents: 

1 x SST control box
1 x 6x10 Eclipse Search coil
1 x Lower fiber Stem
1 x Extension Rod, Center
1 x White's Nut / Bolt / Washer set
1 x Pack of 2 Arm Pads
1 x Pack of 2 Rubber Feet
1 x Slide in Battery Holder with 8 AA Alkaline Batteries (Included) - Rechargeable AA batteries and charger Sold separately  
1 x Arm Strap
1 x Operator's Manual
1 x White's Cardboard Box Handle
1 x packet of 2x Coil cable clips