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  1. 6'' Concentric GMT Coil - Micro Tireur

    Regular Price: $220.00

    Special Price $155.00

    Specially-tuned for mineralized ground, this nugget-sniping loop is a beast on the smallest flakes of gold.
    The small profile makes it ideal for detecting in brush or rocky hill-sides, and with the small detection window you can more easily pick through tailing piles and areas with bits of iron from past mining operations. 

    Weight: 350 g (without skidplate)
    Coil configuration: Concentric
    Frequency: 48kHz
    Item# 801-3250-1

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  2. Goldmax 14'' x 8'' (Sierra) Search Coil

    Regular Price: $310.00

    Special Price $230.00

    Use with White's GMT, Goldmaster, V-Sat, 4B and SGT.
    Cover the ground more quickly and gain 20% plus increase in depth on medium to large nuggets with this larger diameter search coil.
    Note Searchcoil does not include a skidplate.
    Item# 801-3204-1

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2 Item(s)