15'' Nugget Finder Evolution (Spoked)

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15'' Nugget Finder Evolution (Spoked)

Nugget Finder's 15'' Evolution Search coil. Sharper & broader target response on smaller and deeper targets, Improved design for better stability* in most mineralised grounds.
Item# 15E-SP



Nugget Finder's 15'' Evolution Search coil. 


Sharper Target Response:
on both smaller and larger targets. 
Broader Pinpoint Detection: Detection of targets is much more broader from the edge of the coil, allowing for easier pin-pointing methods.
Improved Design: for better stability* in most mineralised grounds.
Auto Pressure Value: If used in humid to hot weather conditions, air inside the coil built up air inside the coil is released through the presure valve automatically.
Weight: 930 g * Approximately

Protective Smooth Skid Plate (Fitted):
 Best for achieving less noise from the ground during swinging methods.
Coil Plug Boot: Prevent Dust, Dirt and Stones from getting into the coil plugs pins, when Search coil is not being used.
3 Year Warranty


* stability varies depending on settings, soil conditions, time of day, weather conditions, EMI sources and swing methods.