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Designed and manufactured in Australia.
Backlit display, Manual Ground Balance, 3 Simple controls.
Superb EMI immunity* and Unparalleled Earth Field cancellation.
Item # QED



Designed and manufactured in Australia.

A single channel design resulting in a low component count, smaller size, less weight and repeatable performance.

3 Simple Controls 

Backlit display that is clearly visible in all lighting conditions from full direct sunlight to total darkness.

Superb EMI immunity allowing for higher gains in most areas *depending on EMI sources.

Unparalleled Earth Field cancellation allowing use with the coil at 90 degrees eg when detecting creek banks and trenches.

Manual Ground Balance that provides important feedback on the level of ground mineralisation.

Search Coil Synchronisation: Tune a searchcoil specifically to the detector allowing for better target responses.

Bias: set to hear smaller or larger targets better.

Large range of optional Mono search coils (sold separately)

Light weight: 1340 g approximately. (based on: controlbox, battery box w/ 12x NIMH batteries and the standard upper & lower shafts - only)
Note: overall weight will vary depending on size of search coils fitted.

Stereo Headphone socket

Battery Life: approximately 8 hours depending on the type of batteries used. (NIMH batteries sold seperately)  

** Specificatons and features are subject to change between software updates.



Download Manual (draft)


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Base Package Includes:
1x QED Control Box
1x Battery Box (no batteries)
2x Ferrite EMI Suppressors

Note: prices may vary due to price fluctuations over time
Batteries, battery Charger, Search coil, upper & lower shafts, nut/bolt + washers, speakers, headphones are sold separately.