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  1. White's Control-box Knob

    Replace broken, damaged or worn Control-box knobs. Fits most White's models from 1980 to date.
    Item# WCK01

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  2. Surf Master PI 'O' Ring

    Replacement "O" ring seal for main control box lid.
    Item# SRF06

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  3. Headphone Jack Cover Plug

    Used to protect headphone jack (control box side) from dirt, sand, water, when headphones are not used.
    Item# HPJ01

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  4. Surfmaster Silica Gel Bag

    Absorbent silica draws moisture away from internal components.
    Item# SGB01

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  5. White's Switch Boot

    Protect the switch from dust particles, grit, mud, fine stones and residue. 
    The Boot will help prevent against the unexpected switch lock-up or broken switch cause from fine grit. 
    Item# TCS01

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  6. Nugget Finder - Coil Plug Protective Boot

    Protect any unused coils from getting dirt and dust in the coil plugs pin sockets.
    Item# NFCP

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  7. Head bank Slider - Set of 2 (Surf master & Beach Hunter)

    Replace broken or damaged Head Bank sliders on White's Surfmaster P.I and Beach Hunter Headphones..
    Item# SRF05

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7 Item(s)