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  1. Mini Gold Concentrator

    The Mini Gold Concentrator grades the wash dirt as the operator operates the two handles on top, back and forth. Gravity does the rest, with the heavies concentrating in the receiving bowl and the light material being displaced over the inside lip of the receiving bowl inside the bucket. Automatically discards 95% of material.
    Item# MGC01

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  2. Crevice Nugget Sucker

    Used to get nuggets and flakes out of those difficult crevices and hard to reach cracks. 
    Sturdy construction, includes a stainless tube, cap and rod. 
    Item# CNS01

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  3. Eldorado Flared Backpack Sluice

    This is the first and the smallest of our all new range of ABS plastic sluices exclusively made for Prospecting Supplies Australia.
    This is very light and can be carried in a daypack for hiking into those remote locations for testing the gravels.
    These are very strong and very light with dimensions of 58 cms long x 16 cms wide at the top or upstream end and 12 cms wide at the downstream end and 7 cms deep.
    This unit can also be used as a concentrate cleaner in the workshop with either a garden hose or a small 12 volt pump.
    Item# ERS01

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  4. Blue Dog Hand Dredge

    Supplied with four nozzles this prospecting tool will allow a prospector to setup in one or another of multiple nozzle configurations providing the ability to access and allow easy retrieval of gold or gem bearing materials under various prospecting conditions. 
    Item# BD001 

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4 Item(s)