Gold Pans / Sieves / Tweezers

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  1. Plastic suction tweezers

    Mini suction tweezers for retrieving those hard to get pieces of gold from the gold pan
    Length: 15.5cm
    Measurements are approximate.
    Item# PST01

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  2. Green Panning Sieve

    Green Panning Sieve to suit prospecting bucket or use on it's own.
    Item# GSS04

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  3. Turbo Panning Sieve (Plastic)

    Made specifically for the 16" inch Turbo pan to eliminate unwanted debris from getting into the pan.
    Item# TBS01

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  4. Plastic Suction Bottle

    Plastic suction bottle for retrieving the gold from the gold pan.
    Item# PSB01

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Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)