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  1. Tiny Rectangle - Rare Earth Magnet

    Use on Picks to help collect metal rubbish from dig holes.
    Dimensions: Length: 20 mm x Width: 10mm x Height: 5 mm *All measurements are approximate
    Item# MAG03

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  2. Surfmaster Silica Gel Bag

    Absorbent silica draws moisture away from internal components.
    Item# SGB01

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  3. Mosquito Head Net (Green)

    Ideal for Protection from flies & mosquitoes and packs down small for easy storage.
    Item# MSQ01

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  4. Evolution Search coil Tape

    Evolution Search coil tape is more flexible than ordinary cloth tape allowing for a better skid plate stickiness and neater molding around the search coils edge.
    Water resistant adhesive.
    Item # SCT01

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  5. Jeweler's Loupe

    Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier. 30 x 21mm. Ideal for viewing detailed information that is often hard to see with the naked eye. e.g. . Perfect for viewing hard to see details, mint marks or year dates on old coins, hallmarks on relics and artifacts, or other important stampings on other antiques. Item# GJL02

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5 Item(s)