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  1. SS 300 Headphones (Large Ear Cups)

    SS 300 headphones are designed to give you that extra volume on those harder to get smaller and deep targets, often missed with standard headphones. Features: Longer soft-padded earcups, stretchable curly cable with L-shaped plug to take strain off connection.
    Item# SS300

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  2. MX Sport Waterproof Headphones

    Hybrid design featuring the noise canceling ear cups featured on the ProStar headphone, with a Piezo-audio waterproof speaker.
    **For use with White's MX Sport ONLY.
    Item# 802-5345

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  3. RPG Stereo Headphones (w/Volume controls)

    Fully adjustable headband with large soft vinyl ear cushions for comfortable positioning on your ears, and reducing unwanted noise.
    Item# RPG01

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  4. Ultra Lite Large Headphone

    Ultra Lite Headphones are packed with features to help you hear those smaller, deeper targets while being light, comfortable and collapsible. 1/4" headphone jack, coiled cord extender, foldable design for go-anywhere portability, comfortable over the ear pads, and inline volume control. Best for large head sizes.
    Item# 401-2024

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  5. White's V3i Wireless Headphones

    Dependable - Comfortable - no-delay real-time audio that matches perfectly your Spectra V3i sweep speed and speaker response.
    Item# 802-5282-1

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5 Item(s)