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  1. Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting

    In this, his most advanced book to date, Mr. Clynick instructs the reader on how to become a more versatile and effective shoreline treasure hunter. Learn about VLF and Pulse Induction Methods and Applications, Rough and Deep Water Hunting, Combining Tools, Skills and Methods and much more. 115 Pages. Item# CJSWM

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  2. History of the Hand of Faith Book

    History of the Hand of Faith tells the true story behind the hand of faith nugget and of what happened at the time it was found.
    Author Bep Hillier, Pages: 24.
    Item# HOF01

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  3. Metal Detecting for Beginners - 101 Things

    Want to start hunting without a long learning curve? This Quickstart Guide will have you out in the field and hunting productively in just a few hours!
    Item# 600-0230

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  4. Coin Hunting In Depth

    If you own a metal detector or considering to purchase one, and you want to increase your odds of finding old, rare and valuable coins, this book is for you. - By Dick Stout
    Item# 600-0196

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  5. The World of the Relic Hunter

    Join Ed Fedory and his band of relic hunters as they search the sites of colonial forts, 18th century ambush sites, lost villages and frontier outposts. Recommended for anyone thinking about relic hunting as a hobby or the seasoned pro wishing to pick up a few extra tips.
    Item# 600-0198

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  6. Metal Detecting Previously Hunted Sites by Vincent C. Pascucci

    General introduction to metal detecting. Plus tips, techniques and secrets for hunting in flogged areas.
    Item# 600-0205

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  7. Pan for Gold The Basics

    A comprehensive guide to the basics of panning for gold. Where to go, equipment, and more. Lots of great tips from veteran panner and prospector, Rita Houston.
    Item# 600-0223

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7 Item(s)