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  1. SDC Foot Stand (aka Woody-foot)

    Designed in Australia for the Minelab SDC-2300 metal detector.
    Hand made from super strong materials making it almost indestructible
    Lightweight, weighing just 75 grams in total.
    No metal used in its creation.
    Item# SDC06

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  2. Detector Cable Guard

    Regular Price: $21.00

    Special Price $19.00

    Designed for Minelab metal detectors to help prevent against falsing at Control Box by preventing hip touching cable.
    Item# SH006

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  3. Control Arm

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $20.00

    This control arm reduces the strain on your shoulder by spreading the load across both shoulders. Use your detector like a whipper snipper. Swivel design allows the detector operator to have a large sweep without straining your shoulders or back. Designed to be used any detector that has a 22mm diameter shaft.
    Item# SH008

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  4. White's Standard Control Box Stand

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price $5.00

    Mounts to control box using existing control box screws.
    For GMT / GMZ / MXT Pro / MXT / SGT / SST/ Spectra V3 / Spectra V3i and VX3.
    Item# 502-0028

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  5. Rubber Feet for White's Control Box

    Pair (2) Peel & Stick rubber feet. 1/2 inch rise. Replacement for lost or worm original equipment or add to any detector model.
    Item# WRF01

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5 Item(s)