NiCAD Battery & Chargers

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  1. NICAD Rechargeable Battery

    Rechargeable battery for DFX, XLT, Classics, GMT and Quantum.
    Non-memory characteristics.
    Item# NIC06

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  2. 6T NICAD Battery (MX5, Prizm 6T & Coinmaster GT)

    6-T NICAD Rechargeable Battery.
    Use with Prizm 6T, MX5 and Coinmaster GT.
    Requires NICAD Battery Charger (P/N: 509-0022) & Stepdown Transformer - Sold Separately. 

    Item# NIC11

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  3. NICAD Wall Charger

    Offers both overnight and fast charge options.
    Use only with Genuine White's NICAD batteries
    Note: Step-down Transformer required to use charger.
    Item# NIC07

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  4. Step-down Transformer 240v - 115v (100Watt)

    Use with NiCAD Rechargeable battery kits.
    Item# NIC08

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4 Item(s)