SDC 2300 (20700 Battery Capsules)

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SDC 2300 (20700 Battery Capsules)

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20700 Battery Capsules have been specifically designed for use with any SDC 2300, to use 20700 batteries.
Tape is not required around the capsules or batteries when inserted into the detectors battery compartment.
Less weight than original 4x C NiMH Cell Batteries.
Charger and batteries sold separately.
Pack contains 2x individual capsules only.
Item# SDC20700



Battery Capsule Features:

- Tape is not required.
- Comfortable fit into SDC metal detector battery compartment, ideal to reduce battery rattle and dropouts.
- Fitted with a special terminal to help prevent battery dropouts, often caused with NiMH C Batteries.
- Capsules will not warp or shrink like other brands on the market, we use special plastic to ensure this does not happen.
- Capsule Weight: 20.4g x2 = 40.8g (20700 Battery weight: 61.4g   x2 = 122.8g) total weight of 163.6g.
  1x Original C NiMH Battery weight is 84g, x4 = 336g, plus alittle extra if tape is applied.
- Longer power duration after second charge, longer power than 18650's and C Cell batteries.


Note: 20700 batteries and charger now sold separately.