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  1. RPG Stereo Headphones (w/Volume controls)

    Fully adjustable headband with large soft vinyl ear cushions for comfortable positioning on your ears, and reducing unwanted noise.
    Item# RPG01

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  2. Coated Steel (Standard) Sand Scoop

    The "Standard" sand scoop has been professionally coated to protect the Metal from salt water conditions.
    Long Handle Length: 72cm. Short Handle Length: 25.5cm
    Basket diameter: 12cm
    All measurements are approximate. 
    (Can be extended or shorten)
    Item# LHS01

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  3. Aluminium Sand Scoop

    Made from Aluminium and features a sturdy handle with rubber gripping.
    Handle length: 12cm
    Basket: 17cm (L) x 10cm (H) x 10cm (W)
    All measurements are approximate. 
    Item# ASC01

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  4. White's Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

    Fits all models except TM 808. Does not require dis-assembly of instrument.
    Item# PDB02

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  5. Maroon Plastic Gold Pan

    Easy view of black sands and gold. 3 layer built in ripples on one-third of pan edge.
    Size: 15 inches (38cm) diameter
    Weight: 440g
    All measurements are approximate. 
    Item# PAN02

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  6. White's V3i Wireless Headphones

    Dependable - Comfortable - no-delay real-time audio that matches perfectly your Spectra V3i sweep speed and speaker response.
    Item# SPC03

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  7. TDI Lithium-Ion *High Capacity* Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Replacement/spare Lithium-Ion Battery for the TDI and TDI Pro metal detectors.
    High Capacity: lasts 30% longer than standard TDI Batteries, approximately 10 hours running time.
    * Battery Colour may vary from one shown it picture
    Item# TDI02

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  8. C-Cell Battery Holder

    Holds 4 "C" size dry-cell or rechargeable batteries.
    (Batteries not included)
    Item# CCELL

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  9. Metal Detecting for Gold in Australia - by Doug Stone

    Hard cover book with over 400 pages in colour.
    Jam-packed with prospecting tips, detailed descriptions and over 150 detailed maps of Australia's major gold nugget producing areas through-out the country.
    This publications represents over 30 years of research.
    A must for prospecting enthusiasts!
    Item# DSV02

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  10. Gold Atlas of Victoria by Doug Stone

    Gold Atlas of Victoria by Doug Stone
    NEW EDITION (+10 New Maps)
    Item# DSV01

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  11. Metal Detecting for Beginners

    This popular book is a favorite in the industry and a new offering by White's.
    Authored by Ed Tisdale, one of Florida's top White's dealers, it's a great book for new hobbyists.
    Item# MTB01

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  12. White's Nut/Bolt/Washer Set

    Compatible with all current white's detector models.
    Item# NBS01

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  13. 9V (6 x AA Cell) Battery Holder

    9V (6 x AA Cell) Battery Holder. Used in many models from 1968 to 1988.
    Item# 6CELL

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  14. 12V (8 x AA Cell) Battery Holder.

    12V (8 x AA Cell) Battery Holder. Used in many models from 1968 to date.
    Item# 8CELL

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  15. Replacement 8xAA battery holder

    Replacement penlight 8xAA battery holder.
    (White's P/N 802-7150) - 
    Batteries not included
    Item# S8AAH

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  16. White's Lower Fiber Stem (Standard)

    Replace lower stem section for white's detector models. Connecting the search coil to the upper aluminum rod.
    Length: 22.5" inches
    Item# LFS02

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  17. White's Standard "S" Joiner-Stem

    Replacement Aluminum “S” Joiner-Stem, Standard equipment length with Cam Lock. For MXT, MXT PRO, GMT, SPECTRA V3i, VX3 and TDI Pro.
    Item# LFS04

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  18. Pan for Gold The Basics

    A comprehensive guide to the basics of panning for gold. Where to go, equipment, and more. Lots of great tips from veteran panner and prospector, Rita Houston.
    Item# PAN01

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  19. White's Navy Blue Baseball Cap

    100% cotton cap that has a soft, smooth feel. Structured, mid-profile design that is paired with six-panel construction for durability with hook and loop adjustable closure. One size fits most. Navy with White embroidery.
    Item# CAP02

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  20. Leather Belt with Curled Pick Holder

    A convenient way to carry your prospecting pick and trash and treasure bag.
    Item# PHB02

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  21. White's Trash and Treasure Bag

    Nylon with zipper closer. Built-in adjustable belt (up to 50") with quick-click buckle. Separate pockets for trash and treasure.
    Item# TTB01

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  22. Surf Master PI 'O' Ring

    Replacement "O" ring seal for main control box lid.
    Item# SRF06

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  23. Arm Cup Foam Pad Kit

    Pair of foam pads for all White's Arm Cups (elbow supports). Peel and stick.
    Item# ARM01

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  24. White's Lower Fiber Stem (Tall Man 32'')

    Replace the lower stem section connecting the loop to the upper aluminum rod. (10" longer than standard.)
    Item# LFS03

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  25. Arm Cup Strap

    Arm cup strap for white's detector models, Replace lost or worn original equipment.
    Item# ARM03

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