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  1. RPG Stereo Headphones (w/Volume controls)

    Fully adjustable headband with large soft vinyl ear cushions for comfortable positioning on your ears, and reducing unwanted noise.
    Item# RPG01

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  2. White's Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

    Fits all models except TM 808. Does not require dis-assembly of instrument.
    Item# 601-1205-3

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  3. 9V (6 x AA Cell) Battery Holder

    9V (6 x AA Cell) Battery Holder. Used in many models from 1968 to 1988.
    Item# 6CELL

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  4. 12V (8 x AA Cell) Battery Holder.

    12V (8 x AA Cell) Battery Holder. Used in many models from 1968 to date.

    Item# 8CELL

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  5. White's Lower Fiber Stem (Standard)

    Replace lower stem section for white's detector models. Connecting the search coil to the upper aluminum rod.
    Length: 22.5" inches
    Item# 500-0224-1

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  6. White's Standard "S" Stem

    Replacement Aluminum "S" Stem, Standard equipment length with Cam Lock. For MXT, MXT PRO, GMT, SPECTRA V3i, VX3 and TDI Pro.
    Item# 802-5213

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  7. Pan for Gold The Basics

    A comprehensive guide to the basics of panning for gold. Where to go, equipment, and more. Lots of great tips from veteran panner and prospector, Rita Houston.
    Free Tiny Sample/Test Gold Included.
    Item# 600-0223

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  8. Surf Master PI 'O' Ring

    Replacement "O" ring seal for main control box lid.
    Item# 527-0043

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  9. Arm Cup Strap

    Arm cup strap for white's detector models, Replace lost or worn original equipment.
    Item# 521-0011-1

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  10. Detector Cable Guard

    Regular Price: $21.00

    Special Price $19.00

    Designed for Minelab metal detectors to help prevent against falsing at Control Box by preventing hip touching cable.
    Item# SH006

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  11. Nugget Scoop

    Dark Green Sand Scoop for use at beaches, riverbeds or when you go panning. Features: Two Ripple Edges in mouth of scoop to prevent small targets from escaping.
    Handle Length: 14.5cm Scoop Length: 17.5cm
    All measurements are approximate.
    Item# NSC01

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  12. Jeweler's Loupe

    Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier. 30 x 21mm. Ideal for viewing detailed information that is often hard to see with the naked eye. e.g. . Perfect for viewing hard to see details, mint marks or year dates on old coins, hallmarks on relics and artifacts, or other important stampings on other antiques. Item# GJL02

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  13. Leather Clip on Pick Holder

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price $35.00

    Clip on Pick Holder attaches to your Harness or Belt, made from genuine leather.
    Item# CPH07

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  14. White's Lower Fiber Stem (Scuba Diving)

    Measuring at total of 18 inches long. It is 5 inches shorter than the standard lower fiber rods. Ideal for small children or divers using underwater detectors.

    Item# 500-0242-4

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  15. Thumb Bolt and Arm Cup Nut

    Replacement Thumb Bolt and Arm Cup Nut - Used for lost or worn original equipment.
    Item# 802-5164

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  16. ¼'' Bolt / Wing Nut

    Use with Minelab, Nugget Finder and Coiltek Search Coils
    Item# N01-0001

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  17. Coil Cable Clips

    Clips to Fasten Coil Lead to Stem.
    Item# SH007

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  18. Plastic suction tweezers

    Mini suction tweezers for retrieving those hard to get pieces of gold from the gold pan
    Length: 15.5cm
    Measurements are approximate.
    Item# PST01

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  19. Geologist Pick

    The Geologist Pick is the perfect gift and tool for anyone with a garden, dig out hard dirt with ease, chip away rocks for precious metals or gems, ideal for prospectors, metal detector operators, rock climbers or anyone needing a sturdy hand pick in the field.
    Item# GEOP1

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  20. Standard Nugget Display Box

    Regular Price: $78.00

    Special Price $60.00

    Ideal display box to show off small nuggets.
    (Includes: 8 x Shallow or Deep Display cases)
    Item# NC004

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  21. Deluxe Nugget Display Box

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price $70.00

    Ideal display box to show off small nuggets.
    Fit up to 30 "1 inch square display cases. (Included)
    Item# NC005

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  22. 1 Ounce Sample Bottle (Glass)

    Ideal for small / tiny gold, found from panning.
    Size: 1cm diameter
    Length:  4.5cm from base to top of lid.
    Glass Bottle with plastic lid
    All measurements are approximate.
    Available singly or in packets.
    Item# GZB01

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  23. White's Trash and Treasure Apron

    Made from canvas material printed with black White's electronics logo.
    Place found treasures inside for safe keeping or store any kind of small items you want to carry around with you while metal detecting. 
    Note: Does not have zipper or any lockable method.
    Item# 601-0024

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  24. Coin Hunting In Depth

    If you own a metal detector or considering to purchase one, and you want to increase your odds of finding old, rare and valuable coins, this book is for you. - By Dick Stout
    Item# 600-0196

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  25. SD / GP Power Cable (4 Pin)

    Coiltek (4 Pin) Power cable for SD / GP detector models
    Item# B02-0001

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