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  1. White's 16 ohm Speaker

    (Mylar cone) fits most current White's models. (electronic skills / knowledge required)
    Item# RSP01

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  2. White's 4 ohm Speaker

    (paper cone) fits many older White's models. (electronic skills / knowledge required)
    Item# RSP02

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  3. RPG Stereo Headphones (w/Volume controls)

    Fully adjustable headband with large soft vinyl ear cushions for comfortable positioning on your ears, and reducing unwanted noise.
    Item# RPG01

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  4. TELEX Mini Under-chin Headphones

    The most widely regarded set of under-chin headphones over the last 2 decades are BACK! Superb quality sound, very lightweight and can be worn whilst wearing a wide brim the name suggests- under the chin or behind your neck.
    Item# TLX01

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  5. Coin Hunters Digging Trowel

    When coin hunting in less demanding sites, the Hunters coin trowel is ideal. Able to slice and lever through turf without disturbing much surface area, it is a useful addition to any coin hunters arsenal. Strong stainless steel with a rubber grip. Quality, USA made.
    Item# CDT01

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  6. Coated Steel (Standard) Sand Scoop

    The "Standard" sand scoop has been professionally coated to protect the Metal from salt water conditions.
    Long Handle Length: 72cm. Short Handle Length: 25.5cm
    Basket diameter: 12cm
    All measurements are approximate. 
    (Can be extended or shorten)
    Item# LHS01

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  7. Aluminium Sand Scoop

    Made from Aluminium and features a sturdy handle with rubber gripping.
    Handle length: 12cm
    Basket: 17cm (L) x 10cm (H) x 10cm (W)
    All measurements are approximate. 
    Item# ASC01

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  8. White's Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

    Fits all models except TM 808. Does not require dis-assembly of instrument.
    Item# PDB02

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  9. Maroon Plastic Gold Pan

    Easy view of black sands and gold. 3 layer built in ripples on one-third of pan edge.
    Size: 15 inches (38cm) diameter
    Weight: 440g
    All measurements are approximate. 
    Item# PAN02

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  10. White's V3i Wireless Headphones

    Dependable - Comfortable - no-delay real-time audio that matches perfectly your Spectra V3i sweep speed and speaker response.
    Item# SPC03

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  11. TDI Lithium-Ion *High Capacity* Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Replacement/spare Lithium-Ion Battery for the TDI and TDI Pro metal detectors.
    High Capacity: lasts 30% longer than standard TDI Batteries, approximately 10 hours running time.
    * Battery Colour may vary from one shown it picture
    Item# TDI02

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  12. C-Cell Battery Holder

    Holds 4 "C" size dry-cell or rechargeable batteries.
    (Batteries not included)
    Item# CCELL

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  13. Metal Detecting for Gold in Australia - by Doug Stone

    Hard cover book with over 400 pages in colour.
    Jam-packed with prospecting tips, detailed descriptions and over 150 detailed maps of Australia's major gold nugget producing areas through-out the country.
    This publications represents over 30 years of research.
    A must for prospecting enthusiasts!
    Item# DSV02

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  14. Gold Atlas of Victoria by Doug Stone

    Gold Atlas of Victoria by Doug Stone
    Item# DSV01

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  15. Successful Treasure Hunting

    The Art of Mental Detecting
    Discussion on mental preparation, goal setting and research to develop the positive attitude necessary to succeed. Lance Comfort - Author
    Item# STH01

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  16. Metal Detecting for Beginners

    This popular book is a favorite in the industry and a new offering by White's.
    Authored by Ed Tisdale, one of Florida's top White's dealers, it's a great book for new hobbyists.
    Item# MTB01

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  17. White's Nut/Bolt/Washer Set

    Compatible with all current white's detector models.
    Item# NBS01

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  18. 9V (6 x AA Cell) Battery Holder

    9V (6 x AA Cell) Battery Holder. Used in many models from 1968 to 1988.
    Item# 6CELL

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  19. 12V (8 x AA Cell) Battery Holder.

    12V (8 x AA Cell) Battery Holder. Used in many models from 1968 to date.
    Item# 8CELL

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  20. Replacement 8xAA battery holder

    Replacement penlight 8xAA battery holder.
    (White's P/N 802-7150) - 
    Batteries not included
    Item# S8AAH

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  21. White's Lower Fiber Stem (Standard)

    Replace lower stem section for white's detector models. Connecting the search coil to the upper aluminum rod.
    Length: 22.5" inches
    Item# LFS02

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  22. White's Standard "S" Joiner-Stem

    Replacement Aluminum “S” Joiner-Stem, Standard equipment length with Cam Lock. For MXT, MXT PRO, GMT, SPECTRA V3i, VX3 and TDI Pro.
    Item# LFS04

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  23. Pan for Gold The Basics

    A comprehensive guide to the basics of panning for gold. Where to go, equipment, and more. Lots of great tips from veteran panner and prospector, Rita Houston.
    Item# PAN01

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  24. Leather Belt with Curled Pick Holder

    A convenient way to carry your prospecting pick and trash and treasure bag.
    Item# PHB02

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  25. White's Trash and Treasure Bag

    Nylon with zipper closer. Built-in adjustable belt (up to 50") with quick-click buckle. Separate pockets for trash and treasure.
    Item# TTB01

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