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  1. Goldmaster 6'' x 4'' DD (Shooter) Coil

    Use with White's GMT, Goldmaster, V-Sat, 4B and SGT. This 'mini' DD searchcoil is perfect for detecting small nuggets/metal targets in mineralised ground. Elliptical coil configuration allows for easy maneuverability in shrubby areas. Also great for pinpointing targets in trashy areas. Note Searchcoil does not include a skidplate.
    Item# 801-3218

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  2. 6'' Concentric GMT Coil - Micro Tireur

    Specially-tuned for mineralized ground, this nugget-sniping loop is a beast on the smallest flakes of gold.
    The small profile makes it ideal for detecting in brush or rocky hill-sides, and with the small detection window you can more easily pick through tailing piles and areas with bits of iron from past mining operations. 

    Weight: 350 g (without skidplate)
    Coil configuration: Concentric
    Frequency: 48kHz
    Item# 801-3250-1

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  3. White's GMT Keypad

    Replace broken or damaged keypad.
    Item# 358-0045

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  4. NICAD Rechargeable Battery

    Rechargeable battery for GMT, SGT, GMZ, DFX, XLT, Classics and Quantum.
    Non-memory characteristics. NICAD Battery Charger (P/N: 509-0022) and a Stepdown Transformer - are required (sold separately).
    Item# 802-5211-1

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  5. Control Arm (for White's Detectors)

    This control arm reduces the strain on your shoulder by spreading the load across both shoulders. Use your detector like a whipper snipper. Swivel design allows the detector operator to have a large sweep without straining your shoulders or back. Designed to be used with White's TDI Pro Oz-Series, TDI-SL, SPP, GMT Goldmaster, Spectra V3i, MXT All Pro, MXT E-series, SST and SGT detector models. 
    Item# SH008

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  6. White’s GMT Display Screen Decal

    Peel and stick to replace LCD clear protective decal. Replace worn, scratched, or damaged LCD outer window (clear decal).
    Item# WD02

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  7. White's Standard Control Box Stand

    Mounts to control box using existing control box screws.
    For GMT / GMZ / MXT Pro / MXT / SGT / SST/ Spectra V3 / Spectra V3i and VX3.
    Item# 502-0028

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  8. White's Heavy Duty Arm Cup

    Recommended for heavy sand, brush, or water use.
    Adjustable 3 hole position. Includes Arm Strap.
    Thumb Bolt and Thumb nut, sold separately.
    Does not fit MX-Sport, MX7, Treasuremaster series, Coinmaster series or early Prizm models.
    Item# 802-5257

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  9. LCD Rain Hat - Spectra V3i / GMT Goldmaster

    For use with the Whites GMT Goldmaster & Spectra V3i / V3 and VX3 detector models.
    Protects the LCD Screen from dirt, mud, light rain and general wear.
    Item# LCDSP

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  10. Extension Rod, Center

    Aluminum center rod section, Can be added to any White's model between the lower fiber rod and upper Aluminum "S" rod.
    Extends adjustable length 4.5" to 12" inches.
    Item#: 500-0288-1

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  11. White's Standard "S" Joiner-Stem

    Replacement Aluminum “S” Joiner-Stem, Standard equipment length with Cam Lock. For MXT, MXT PRO, GMT, SPECTRA V3i, VX3 and TDI Pro.
    Item# 802-5213

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  12. Replacement 8xAA battery holder

    Replacement penlight 8xAA battery holder.
    (White's P/N 802-7150) - 
    Batteries not included
    Item# 802-7150

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  13. White's Nut/Bolt/Washer Set

    Compatible with all current white's detector models.
    Item# 802-5096-11

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  14. Goldmaster 6'' x 10'' DD Search Coil

    Use with White's GMT, Goldmaster, V-Sat, 4B and SGT. Provides superior performance in extreme conditions, i.e. black sand - red clay. (50 kHz). 
    Note Searchcoil does not include a skidplate.
    Item# 801-3214

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  15. White's 14'' x 8'' Skid Plate (Solid)

    Use with Eclipse ''Deep-scan'' 14'' x 8'' inch DD Search Coil or the GMT Sierra 14'' x 8'' inch DD Search Coil.
    Item# 501-4101

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  16. Goldmax 14'' x 8'' (Sierra) Search Coil

    Use with White's GMT, Goldmaster, V-Sat, 4B and SGT.
    Cover the ground more quickly and gain 20% plus increase in depth on medium to large nuggets with this larger diameter search coil.
    Note Searchcoil does not include a skidplate.
    Item# 801-3204-1

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  17. GMT Audio Iron Toggle Switch

    Replace worn or broken audio Iron toggle switches under the LCD Pod
    For White's GMT Goldmaster.
    Item# PTS02

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17 Item(s)