About Us


Goldsearch Australia was opened in July 2007 by veteran prospector & treasure hunter Tony Mills to offer prospectors and treasure hunters a new experience in sales of well known brands as well as alternative products. Situated in Dunolly, detectorists have the world famous nugget producing “Golden Triangle” right at their doorstep.
After 5 years of commitment to Gold Search Australia, Tony Mills, retired at the age of 59 on the 1st of July 2012. 
Gold Search Australia was then passed onto Peter Rowland and Paul Davis, who continued to build up the business until the 1st of July 2014.
Gold Search Australia, is now under new management by local prospector, Dean Mortimer. Originally he was employed by Tony Mills back in 2008 and since then Dean has continue to have a strong passion for gold prospecting and being apart of Gold Search Australia.
As the Australian distributor of well known USA manufacturer, Whites Electronics, we offer all the models in the range from this world famous brand. Added to this, we are leading the field in bringing new, emerging brands of advanced prospecting and treasure hunting equipment to the attention of the prospecting and treasure hunting community.

A full range of accessories are also available including both Nugget Finder & Coiltek metal detector coils, cables, adaptors, headphones, walco picks, harnesses, batteries, lower shafts and much, much more. Our aim is to provide every achievable service to our customers from the serious professional right down to novice beginners. The best products, the best friendly advice, the best goldfields in the world....everything you could want!

World famous metal detector brand, Whites Electronics, have been manufacturing treasure hunting and prospecting detectors since 1950.  Today they remain at the forefront of new and innovative designs and yet provide real value for money to everyone from the beginner to the professional prospector and treasure hunter. All Whites units are built in a state-of-the-art production facility in Sweet Home Oregon, USA.

A high tech research & development facility along with the best service team in the business ensures that treasure hunters and prospectors world- wide continue to receive only the best equipment and back up that money can buy. Whites Electronics have never been ones to sit idly by and ‘rest on their laurels’. New models and technical innovations continue to be produced on a regular basis, again providing a superior product.